The objectives of Aparant are to bring together fellow member of our fraternity to assist the needy, basically from the Konkan region, in alleviating their problems. In addition it is to promote the Konkan region and its products. The summary of the objectives are as given below:

  • To spread education in all its branches viz. in all spheres and branches such as Arts, Science, Commerce, Law, Medicine, Engineering, Computer Science, Agriculture etc.

  • For reception and treatment of persons suffering from physical or mental illness or for providing medical and allied facilities to persons during convalescence and for taking care of persons requiring medical attention and rehabilitation.

  • To undertake measures for relief of poverty or distress -

  • To provide shelter, either temporary or on permanent basis, with or without the help of any other social organisation for the benefit of orphans, destitute, aged and sick persons.

  • To provide assistance in all possible and suitable manner to the community at large.

  • To establish, maintain, run, assist, give aid to and support libraries, reading rooms, museums, art galleries, theatres for advancement of education and knowledge.

  • To undertake welfare activities, tree-plantation, forestation and conservation of natural resources.

  • To construct, develop, layout, improve, manage, maintain, gardens and parks in the existing properties of the Trust and/or future properties that may be acquired, received, accepted by the Trust.

  • To print, publish, exhibit, circulate, subscribe and / or support, books periodicals, pamphlets, leaflets posters, charts, diagrams, and / or other matters that may be considered desirable for the general benefit of the Trust and in particular for advancement of the objects of the Trust.